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Cabelo Chave

Key to your hair woes

Crafted with the goal to bring together a world class range of professional hair care products, Cabelo Chave Professional stands out with its performance and quality across specialities. Every single Cabelo Chave variant has been created with the intent and vision to give spectacular results: shiny and frizz free hair that makes heads turn.

What is Neoplex?

Neoplex is an advanced protein treatment which helps remove frizz, manage volume and deeply restore damaged hair. It is effective on coloured, curly, thick and even previously treated hair, making it unmatched in its performance in the hair care industry

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Why Neoplex?

A fusion of collagen, plex, proteins and botox, Neoplex is the best all in one hair protein treatment out there. Green Caviar and Brazilian essence are active ingredients in the product range making it deeply hydrating and moisturizing, making it the best option for lustrous, shiny hair.

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Our Happy Clients

The best part of the Neoplex protein haircare treatment is that is does not feel very chemical in its application. also love that they have products to help maintain the sheen for a longer time with proper care”

- Visakha Rai

“I was sceptical to get a protein treatment as I have been applying henna for ages without realising it was damaging my hair. The salon assured me it was the best choice
and to be honest, I am loving the results!”

- Rishita Sinha

"Years of heat styling had taken a toll on my hair, leaving it brittle and damaged. But Neoplex's hair repair mask has worked wonders. It's like a spa treatment for my hair, and now it's back to being healthy and strong."

- Reena Sethi

"I've been using Neoplex Homecare Shampoo for a few months now, and I can't believe the difference it has made in the health and shine of my hair. My hair feels softer, looks shinier, and it's noticeably stronger. I'm absolutely thrilled with the results"

- Razia Khan