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At Cabelo Chave, our mission envisions empowering every individual to embrace their unique selves by providing them with hair care solutions that help them shine through. The team behind Cabelo Chave is committed to the goal of crafting haircare solutions that are not only high quality and innovative but also work on enhancing the health, vitality, and confidence of an individual irrespective of their hair type. Cabelo Chave believes in the power of continuous research, sustainable practices and personalized customer experiences making us the perfect trusted partner for everyone’s journey to gorgeous, vibrant, and breathtakingly stunning hair.


Our vision at CabeloChave is to revolutionize the professional hair care industry with solutions that set new standards of excellence, inclusivity, and accessibility. CabeloChave believes in becoming a brand that goes beyond providing hair care solutions the vision is to foster a sense of belonging and self-expression among every user. Curated with cutting edge research, formulations, education and community education, Cabelo Chave envisions a world where every individual can express their true selves with confidence and their authentic personas amplified by the confidence of having gorgeous, vibrant, and breathtakingly stunning hair.



Cabelo Chave is all about of love, curated with years of research teamed with decades of industry experience. Working in the professional cosmetic industry for well over 18years, Mr Imran Jafri envisioned Cabelo Chave as a brand that has a complete range of hair care solutions under one roof something that was recurring problem for him as an industry expert.

Bringing together his knowledge into research and product development, founder Mr Nishit Patel who has a BPharm degree and founder Mr Rohit Patel wo has a masters in business administration from the United Kingdom, worked on developing what Cabelo Chave is today. The brand name in itself is a testimonial to the commitment of founders translating to ‘Key (Solution) to all hair problems' and with every product, Cabelo Chave takes forward the vision of exemplary haircare for all.