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Cabelo Chave Professional Hair Botox Treatment

Cabelo Chave Professional Hair Botox is a deep repairing treatment that reconstructs hair.

Hair Botox series is a powerful concentrate of active ingredients which reverse the hair damage from the cortex while also straightening, hydrating, and restoring your hairs glory.

The powerful Concentrate of Oils such as coconut oil, jojoba oil Marula oil and vitamins like Vitamin E nourishes hair and keeps frizz at bay.

These actives also make your hair healthy soft smooth shiny and improves hair elasticity. The improved strength of the hair can be tested immediately after the treatment while the hair breakage is reduced and cuticles are sealed.

The Cabelo Chave Professional Hair Botox treatment makes hair well moisturized and protects from environmental damage. It keeps your Hair stunning and makes it easy to manage.

Cabelo Chave Professional Hair Botox Treatment has an exclusive gel-based formulation, that permits a better spreading and high absorption by hair. Contains a complex of oils and acids that reconstruct and hydrates the hair fiber, giving your hair a straight, shiny look with improved elasticity.

Cabelo Chave Professional Hair Botox series is infused with oils which Nourishes hair and effectively strengthens hair and repair damage.

It not only straightens hair but also reduces frizz, repairs damage, improves elasticity and strength of the hair.


  • It works on All hair types including henna coated and metallic coated dye 
  • It gives 85-90% straight look
  • Unlike other treatment Cabelo Chave Hair Botox treatment is a same day wash treatment.
  • Formaldehyde Free Formula- There are no harmful fumes. There is 0 throat irritation and eye burning
  • Same day hair colour service can be done.
  • 99% Reduction of Frizz 
  • Treatment results lasts for 60-65 washes with proper home care

Neoplex Homecare Mask

"I love the Neoplex Homecare Mask in my hair care routine! It's like a magic potion that repairs, strengthens, and moisturizes my hair, giving it a beautiful, shiny look."


- Visakha Rai

Neoplex Protein Sealant

"My damaged, porous hair transformed beautifully, even my colored hair. It enhances elasticity, leaving it smooth, soft, and shiny. Truly impressive for repairing damaged bonds."


- Rishita Sinha

Neoplex Pre Shampoo

"Neoplex Pre Shampoo is a game-changer for hair repair and revitalization. If you battle damaged hair like I do, this product truly makes a difference. It's a must-try for healthier, more beautiful hair."


- Razia Khan

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